Dog Training 101: How to Train Your Dog with Invisible Fencing

How to Train Your Dog with Invisible Fencing

Installing a best invisible dog fence doesn’t ensure your dog will respect the boundary. The warning is given by the shock collar is very minimal. So when your dog isn’t familiar with this warning then he’ll easily ignore that. 

But if you teach your dog to feel the warning and encourage him to return inside the safe zone then he’ll respect the invisible fence boundary. In this article, you’ll learn how to train your dog with invisible fencing.

Dog Training Tips

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    Train in short segments, about 15 minutes, 2 or 3 times a day.
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    Reward good behavior with praise and/or treats
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    Make training time fun while using consistent verbal praise and correction.

Step 1 - Introduce the Boundary

Make sure you read the manual that comes with the electric fence and collar. The electric collar should emit a warning noise when the dog gets close to the boundary and before it will administer a shock. Find out at what distance the noise starts and place several warning flags around the boundary.

Place your electric collar and a leash on your dog and walk to the boundary. Once you get to where the warning begins, turn around immediately and head to the center of the yard. When your dog follows you, praise it. Repeat this at different points around the boundary. Continue for several sessions until the dog will turn around on his own when he hears the warning noise.


The expected result is your dog will show a reaction when he enters the danger zone. And he’ll show positive attitudes in returning back inside the safe zone. If you think your dog still not familiar with the process then repeat these steps one week more.

If you get the expected result then, the first-week invisible fence training finished successfully.

Step 2 - Offer Temptations

You will need to enlist the help of others for much of this step. Start by getting a friend or family member to walk with you towards the boundary. Inform them to keep walking straight through boundary without turning around or calling out. Allow the leashed and collared dog to decided if he will follow across the boundary or stop as he was previously trained to do.

If he follows he will receive a shock. If not, give him praise. Repeat this process using a bicycle, a neighbor, balls, or anything else your dog may be tempted to follow out of the yard.


Your dog will show a positive reaction to the static correction and willingly return to the safe zone. If your dog doesn’t show the positive reaction then try for one week more. Otherwise, you can proceed to the week-three invisible fence training.

Step 3 - Train Off Leash

Now it's time to take your dog off leash. At first, supervise your collared dog, making sure the fence is turned on. The more fun time you spend with your dog within the boundaries, the less it will want to leave. During this stage, spend as much time with your dog outside as possible. Continue to give it lots of praise for good behavior.

Step 4 - Give Freedom Gradually

Start allowing your dog short, unsupervised segments in the yard, gradually allowing it to spend more time alone. In the beginning, keep an eye from inside. If your dog still tries to escape at times, put the leash back on and continue training by offering the temptations that are most distracting. After a couple weeks of good behavior while unsupervised, begin taking a flag down everyday until none are left.

You are at the last stage of 4-week invisible fence training. Your dog already knows what to do when he feels the warning from the collar. This week you’ll only monitor your dog. Leave him alone to play, but you stay around and see what your dog do when he enters the danger zone. If you see he is not understanding then repeat week 3 practice again.

You can extend the monitoring period too if you are not enough confident.

Have Fun with Your Dog

Following these steps, you can easily train your dog to stay inside the invisible fence boundary and play freely. Once your dog learns to respect invisible fence boundary then you don’t have to worry about your dog. You can go anywhere turning on the invisible fence and your dog will be safe.


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